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Since earning my Coach certifica-tion in 2008 I've had the privilege of touching the lives of thousands

My Book

This book is for you if, looking at your life or work you feel, "There has to be more for me than this."


“A dream without action is a fantasy.” With that single sentence Rebecca McClain captures the essential truth about why so many of us feel frustrated in our lives. We may whole-heartedly know the “what” of our dreams, but we get stuck on the “how.” 

With Redesign Your Reality, Rebecca creates the perfect mix of inspiration and practical steps to give anyone the ability to create the reality he or she wants. From intention, to commitment, to action, Rebecca provides a clear methodology to allow the reader to actively and purposefully move forward as the designer of his or her own life.


Redesign Your Reality bridges the gap from “What” to “How” and takes dreams from the realm of fantasy into the world of reality."

—Angela Stalcup
President of Angela Stalcup & Co.
Author of The Curvy Life



Redesign Your Reality

Ten Fundamental Truths You Must Believe to

Transform Your Dream Into Reality!

"You get what you believe"  - Oprah Winfrey

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