Timing Is Everything

Any comedian will tell you that when it comes to delivering a good joke, timing is critical. If he fails to deliver the punch line at just the right time, the entire joke to falls flat. A great comedian knows precisely how to develop a story line to get the maximum outburst.

On a more serious note, timing is everything in the world of investments. The timing of your investment can determine its greatest yield potential. Let’s say two people open an IRA in the same year, contributing the same amount and at the same rate of return. The only difference is the time at which they contribute to their accounts. Each year investor number one contributes to her account on January 1 and investor number two contributes to his account at the end of the year. Investor number one’s account will have earned more before investor number two has even made a contribution. Over time, investor number one will earn significantly more than investor number two—all because of timing.

These are two simplified examples of the significance of timing. Of course, delivering a punch line is far less consequential than a missed investment opportunity, but you get the picture! In the same vein, life is about timing. Timing is critical when it comes to making key decisions in our relationships, careers, finances, spirituality and health. There is a synchronicity that links successive events and proper timing.

If you are contemplating a life-changing experience, make sure the timing is right. Regardless of how great an idea you may have, the conditions must be right in order for you to successfully execute your plan.

Let’s say that you decide to sow grass seed in your yard rather than hiring a lawn expert. In your excitement you scurry over to the local garden center and purchase the grass seed. But there’s one problem—snow is covering the ground as it is the dead of winter. You will have to wait for the time, temperature and conditions that will best encourage the seed to take root and flourish.

People, like grass seeds thrive under the right conditions. Let me just add one little caveat, which is that there will never be perfect conditions for any undertaking, but your actions and expectations, should be weighed based upon the most favorable conditions for your circumstances. For example, as single parent raising small children, accepting a job that requires 50% travel would not be the most favorable of conditions. Be sure to weigh the ideal with the practical.

In order to make the transformation from where you are to where you desire to be, you must understand and adapt to the natural flow of progress. You can avoid much frustration, including the temptation to give up on your goal, by applying the same seed-sowing principles to the birthing of an idea. By understanding the nature of seasons, you will be better able to endure the stages of development between the conception and birth of your dream.